Lavender: How To Grow &
Use The Fragrant Herb
2nd Edition

By Ellen Spector Platt


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A newly expanded and updated guide to this favorite aromatic herb. How to grow and harvest, with ideas for using in the garden landscape and in containers. Includes history of its use from ancient times and clearly lists major species and varieties.

New designs using both dried and fresh cut lavender, include a lavender spiral, a woven tapestry, new wreaths and many new recipes. Make garlands, arrangements, wands, Roasted Halibut a la Provence, lavender Madeleines and more.

Handy resource list includes the best mail order nurseries, and an all new chapter on lavender fairs and festivals in the US and Canada.

Bonus with any purchase, I’ll answer your lavender questions by email.

Stackpole Books, 2009
144 pages, 118 color photos
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Tip from Lavender: How to Grow & Use the Fragrant Herb:

When using dried flowers and herbs the number and assortment of potential containers increases dramatically. Without a water requirement, almost any object can be used to show off the flowers. Old baby shoes reflect the delicate of the small lavender buds. The stems are cut short to stuff into high topped shoes.

You can use a fabric or crocheted booties in the same way by first stiffening it with fabric stiffener.........

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