Photo Stock Themes

  • Fabulous outdoor containers
  • Windowsill herbs
  • Arrangements of flower favorites like roses, sunflowers, and hydrangea
  • Combinations: garden flowers with herbs, with wild flowers, with fruits and vegetables
  • Four season series of wreaths; of arrangements; and of gathering baskets
  • Decorating with house plants
  • Designs based on a color theme, like hot colors, cool colors, pastels, or monochromatic tones
  • Design series of sizes: both miniatures and grand arrangements
  • Design series in teapots
  • Design series in watering cans
  • Dried flowers and herbs, various methods of drying, and the finished products
  • Herb designs, featuring medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, or decorative herbs both fresh and dried
  • Holiday arrangements, wreaths and swags, includes all major holidays with an emphasis on Christmas
  • Large format impact for double page spreads
  • Step-by-step how-to-series of wreaths, arrangements and swags for all seasons
  • Wedding and bridal designs
  • Whimsical designs
  • Window boxes and outdoor planters through the seasons
  • and more
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©1999 Designed by Ellen Spector Platt.
©1999 Photos by Alan and Linda Detrick, ALD Photo Inc.